The 6 CCV is over, but it is the beginning of new positive histories to be implemented.


Two incredible days with the presence of several professionals involved in the vaccine segment and channel, bringing relevant and updated information about the current environment and future perspectives of immunization in Brazil.


Brazil has the most important vaccination program observed worldwide, on both public and private channels, but there is a lot to be improved in terms of practices and available products to our population.


It is a country of opportunity concerning this niche area, with few players and still a restricted supply to fulfill the necessities of the Brazilian Continental Country.

Zalika is part of this history and it’s paving the pathway to a successful history in the country.


If you want to be part of this segment and would like to strategize a successful history in the Brazilian country, you must learn more about ZALIKA FARMACÊUTICA.


This is the right moment to understand THE BRAZILIAN SCENARIO OF VACCINES, where the public and the private systems are evolving significantly.




Let our experience transform your perspective of doing business in the Brazilian Life Sciences Segment.

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