Zalika Farmacêutica, taking accountability for your success!

Who We Are

A 100 % Brazilian Pharmaceutical Company focused on intelligence and strategy creating and operating business in the Brazilian Life Sciences Segment.

Zalika Farmacêutica:

  • A company with all the infrastructure required by the Brazilian legislation to hold registration of health products, supporting foreign companies in their entry strategies, without being physically present in the country.
  • Conceived as a Singular Platform for the entry strategy of foreign companies into the Brazilian market, where the product registration remains under complete control of the foreign company, reducing timelines and costs at the same time that Zalika will dedicate a complete team of professionals to conduct processes.
  • A company duly audited by ANVISA with all licenses and authorizations necessary to request registration (“Marketing Authorization”), import, store and distribute pharmaceuticals, healthcare products and cosmetics. It also able to request inspections of manufacturing plants abroad.

Executive Board

Zalika Farmaceutica must be perceived as an extension of your company in the Brazilian country.