THE SCENARIO OF RARE DISEASES IN BRAZIL, promoted by Casa Hunter, in an onsite and online event last Friday August 19Th, 2022 a hybrid event, with accessible content in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Libras, was very successful.

In its 7th edition, the event brought the launch of research, evaluation of health technologies for the treatment of rare diseases, how to finance them and exchange of experiences of the current scenario and good practices for the future – subjects that are extremely urgent and demand actions in Brazil and all Latin American countries.

The São Paulo State Health Department, ANVISA, SINDUSFARMA, ANS, CONITEC, among other important institutions conducted some of the panels bringing important discussions to improve the mechanisms in which civil society, Agencies, Government among others can work and contribute assertively to this very unique environment of patients, CROs, Pharma Industries and several inter-connected  stakeholders.

Zalika Farmacêutica was present with the goal of interacting with those that are already part of this context emphasizing its ability to develop with competence and expertise a HUB for RARE DISEASE COMPANIES, as an extension of their headquarters in Brazil, without a physical presence (registering their products in the Brazilian Country), establishing an interface to reach the Innovative Companies which must be a target of new products, the CROs responsible for local clinical studies and the institutions which are taking care of the patients.

To understand more about the ways Zalika can contribute to this relevant subject which has improved significantly in the Brazilian country in the last few years but still demands a complete support and guidance from those that understands the dynamics of this very specific market, kindly email:


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