INDIA-BRAZIL PHARMA BUSINESS MEET was concluded today with excellence for those who were able to follow the event.

Joining Indian and Brazilian companies with the aim to generate alliances among these two prominent countries, each one with its own specificities, capabilities and opportunities, but above all to highlight the synergy of these countries in the Pharmaceutical environment. The participation of ANVISA, the Ministry of Health, ABIQUIFI AND SINDUSFARMA, among other important institutions was a key aspect of this important Event.

Zalika Farmcêutica was present with the goal of showing its HUB, conceived with the intent of bringing foreigner companies to Brazil with the infrastructure and human resources necessary for this implementation process achieving registration and commercialization with the integrated support of our structure in São Paulo and Minas Gerais. India is certainly one of our main focus due to the capability of the Indian Companies (expertise/ portfolio driven/know-how/ management/ production capability) especially those who would like to penetrate in the sixth largest Pharmaceutical market in the world and do not want to have its own local infrastructure, at least during the initial stages of the process, or would like to be guided from the initial Entry Strategy up to the execution of commercial alliances.

Zalika would pave the pathway in the most appropriate tailor made process in order to deliver what is expected or what should be recommended as per our vast expertise of the Brazilian Market and its dynamics.

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